Company born in 1989 in Paris togheter the surrealist painter Leonor Fini and your art dealer, Rafael Martinez. Learning in his atelier was born the Musonka concept, whose objective is to make known the craftsmanship as the most sublime form of artistic creation, what was called at the beginning of the 20th century, arts & crafts. No one can be an artist if he does not surpass in technique the artisan of the trade in which he wants to innovate. We were pioneers in the art of the recovery and recycling of furniture "El País / Avui / El Periódico / in the restoration of works of art like the Hotel Colon (escó d'olot / clock) or the painting walley of the Mesón Castilla and the rooms. We were the first interior designers of Barcelona to decorate rustic houses with polychrome furniture and make old signs for Catalan and Spanish ski slopes. Later we introduced the decoration in the children's furniture inventing multitude of elements that were the base of a new generation of furniture makers in Spain, were awarded the PAQ award of the Generalitat de Catalunya for the creation of children's toys. We were also important muralists with works for clients from all over Spain. Also we has collaborated in theater and in cinema as in the film The Orphanage. In 2011 we finished this stage and went to the Born district of Barcelona to design and manufacture fashion, representing the best brand of Spain espadrilles, Toni Pons, and bags for designers passionate about fashion made in Barcelona.

Patrícia Pueyo